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Current Openings

S No Position Division
1 O&M Contract Associate Manager Maintenance
2 Rolling Stock Associate Manager Maintenance
3 CRM Officer Operations
4 Auxiliaries Technical Auditor Maintenance
5 AFC Maintainer Maintenance
6 PSS Maintainer Maintenance
7 Fare Media Support Officer Finance
8 Methods Engineer Maintenance
9 Safety Officer QHSE & Security
10 Security Officer QHSE & Security
Note:Interested Candidates can email your resumes to Shalini.Taneja@keolishyderabad.com
O&M Contract Associate Manager
Role Title O&M Contract Associate Manager
Experience & Qualification
  • The candidate should be either graduate/Post Graduate in computer science, engineering or business
Roles & Responsibilities
  • O&M Contract Associate Manager is responsible for the efficient monitoring of the O&M agreement, as such he:
  • Prepares and updates the internal commitment matrix (OMC Deliverables)
  • Proactively informs his hierarchy in case of approaching deadlines, as well as responsible divisions or departments if required
  • Coordinates the preparation of KPI reporting to LTMRHL
  • Verifies the integrity and quality of the reporting in collaboration with Quality Department
  • Verifies the easy access to information of each KPI (traceability)
  • Participates to the preparation of reports for stakeholders
  • Coordinates with Legal Expert issues which need to be addressed when relevant
  • Proposes functional enhancements to applied processes and reports (for example workflow modifications)
  • Prepares analyses of the performance of the company and challenges respective areas in charge
  • Liaises regularly with Keolis S.A. performance experts for best practices, benchmarks and knowledge transfer across Keolis networks
  • Performs audits of the procedures of measurement and production of KPIs, including on site audits
  • Follows-up actions decided in meetings with LTMRHL or other stakeholders, liaising with operation & maintenance teams
Key Skills
  • Strong analytical and problem solving capacities
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Rigorous and meticulous with data
  • Knowledge of IT databases and program management
  • Capacity to adapt to the situation
  • Determined and able to overcome obstacles
  • Good relationship building and interpersonal skills
  • Fluency in English and Hindi
  • Advanced skills in MS Project, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • The candidate should possess at least 8 -14 years of experience working as business analyst/controller or contract manager in a technical environment. Experience in public transportation will be appreciated
Rolling Stock Associate Manager
Role Title Rolling Stock AM
Experience & Qualification
  • Mechanical Engineer with 8 -12 Years of relevant experience
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Mechanical functions servicing
  • According to planning requirements and its evolutions due to the operational needs:
  • Meeting cost targets via day-to-day organization, optimization and follow up, with the support of engineering / methods, supply chain and planning processes, according to real-time and post operational reports
  • Maintenance works compliance:
  • Monitoring staff skills and safety procedures respect
  • Support processes procedures respect
Key Skills
  • Should have 8- 12 years of experience with proven knowledge of working in a technically-based rail or industrial environment.
  • Experience in managing and developing teams
  • Analytical ability
CRM Officer
Role TitleCRM Officer
Experience & Qualification
  • Graduate or post-graduate with 2– 5 years with handling Customer Relationships portfolio. Customer service work experience and skills with the airport/travel/hospitality industry environment would be a distinct advantage.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Provides customer service support by way of obtaining, analysing and verifying the accuracy of information.
  • Anticipates the needs and expectations of the passengers and ensures to resolve the same within the stipulated time and keep the passengers satisfied.
  • Strict adherence to monitoring, tracking and achieving all the defined contractual and board KPI’s each month.
  • Finding ways to measure customer satisfaction and improve the levels by way of proposing various initiatives.
  • Initiating and rolling out various training sessions for the staff at the stations and at the customer service call centre to develop and implement a customer service policy.
Key Skills
  • Customer oriented, able to anticipate, understand, react to situations and satisfy customers’ needs.
  • Able to remain patient, calm, soft spoken and express with clarity and efficacy particularly during challenging situation
  • Excellent communication & listening skills (English, Hindi, Telugu).
  • Develop excellent customer relationships with internal and external contact persons.
  • Well informed on all activities/procedures/policy’s/rules/ which impacts the Best quality service rendered to customer 24/7.
Auxiliaries Technical Auditor
Role TitleAuxiliaries Technical Auditor
Experience & Qualification
  • The candidate should be either Diploma or Degree into (Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical) with experience around 5 to 8 years’ as an engineer in large buildings maintenance
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Maintenance works compliance (his and sub-contractors):
  • Ensuring preventive inspections and corrective maintenance based on preventive reports
  • Efficient and Effective Maintenance and regular inspection of all equipment in his jurisdiction, so as to make sure they are in good working condition in accordance with Instructions & Provisions contained in maintenance manual and urgent instructions.
  • Support processes procedures in facilitating permit to work (PTW) to sub-contractor
  • Managing external parties during their intervention and provide feedback reports.
  • Bringing to the notice of Team Associated Manager at, any emergency and other situation that may be beyond his competence or Control.
Key Skills
  • At least 5 to 8 years’ experience as an engineer in large buildings maintenance.
  • Experience in managing and developing teams.
  • Able to plan and organise work of self and others.
AFC Maintainer
Role TitleAFC Maintainer
Experience & Qualification
  • ITI/ Diploma Engineer – Electronics/ Electrical/ Communication/ Mechanical with due experience of 3 years’ as a ITI holder and more than one year for Diploma Holders in respective SIG/COM/AFC maintenance wing.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • The day-to-day organization of the maintenance tasks during his shifts:
  • Ensuring preventive maintenance as per laid down guidelines and schedules of maintenance.
  • Organization of a permanent, immediate and efficient response in case of a major event due to the respective SIG/ COM/ AFC System.
  • Coordinating with the team leader with regard to maintenance of SIG/ COM/ AFC assets.
  • Organization of collection of technical facts related to failures and its correct transmittal.
Key Skills
  • At least 3 years’ experience as a ITI holder in respective SIG/COM/AFC maintenance wing.
  • Competent verbal and written communicator.
  • Analytical ability.
PSS Maintainer
Role TitlePSS Maintainer
Experience & Qualification
  • Should be a qualified ITI or Diploma – Electrical with due experience of 3 years’ as ITI holder and more than one year for Diploma Holders in respective maintenance wing.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • The day-to-day organization of the maintenance tasks during his shifts:
  • Ensuring preventive maintenance as per laid down guidelines and schedules of maintenance.
  • Organization of a permanent, immediate and efficient response in case of a major event due to the PSS System.
  • Maintenance works compliance:
  • Adherence to maintenance standards
  • Monitors staff skills and safety procedures respect.
  • Ensuring availability of as built drawings and technical documents.
  • Coordinating with the operation staff with regard to maintenance of PSS assets.
  • Organization of collection of technical facts aiming to raise issues to the team (during the DLP).
  • Organization of collection of needed resources assessments aiming budget construction
Key Skills
  • At least 3 years of experience as an ITI and Diploma more than one year in respective PSS maintenance;
  • Experience in managing and developing with his teams.
  • Able to plan and organize work of self and others
  • Competent verbal and written communicator.
Fare Media Support Officer
Role TitleFare Media Support Officer
Experience & Qualification
  • Degree with commerce background.
  • Able to Speak Languages in English, Hindi & Telugu.
  • Candidates having 3-5 of experience in dealing with customers in service industry having good exposure in solving customers
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Initialize CST, CSC, and Combo as per process of business rules.
  • Keep track on Paper Ticket Stocks & Procurement.
  • Respond to customer complaints pertaining to fare media received from stations & timely closure.
  • Summarise the report of daily issue of new passes, stock particulars and dispatch particulars at end of shift/ day report at Central Computer.
  • Prepare Reports on Media Stock Balances and makes physical checks on existing stocks at Stores and Stations
Key Skills
  • Has proven ability to anticipate and handle complex customer centric issues / situations.
  • Proactive in identifying and resolving issues pertaining to stake holders.
  • Has competent and proven analytical / Data management ability
  • Rigor in executing and applying instructions and procedures
  • Has proven skills to prepare the daily MIS & transactional reports
Methods Engineer
Role TitleMethods Engineer
Experience & Qualification
  • Should be a qualified Generalist Engineer
  • At least 5 years’ experience in management in an industrial environment with a significant experience in methods
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Methods Engineer is responsible and is in charge of:
  • Reviewing maintenance manuals
  • Support AMS implementation
  • Support maintenance process and modus operandi set-up OPERATION
  • Methods Engineer is responsible and is in charge of:
  • In the initial steps of metro network implementation, ensuring and taking part in the DLP process (including suppliers follow up)
  • Organizing the technical documentation‘s delivery:
  • Technical notes, equipment safety procedures, equipment maintenance (including IT tools), maintenance documents and procedures (and related aspects) redaction and updating,
  • Distribution, control and mastering,
  • Contributes to the implementation of DMS (Document Management System)
Key Skills
  • Demonstrated ability in Managing and coordinate working groups
  • Writing and improving a job plan with field observations and time measurements
  • Developing and driving initiatives related to maintenance and organization improvements Strong background in industrial practices (5S, lean management, TPM)
Safety Officer
Role TitleSafety Officer
Experience & Qualification
  • Preferred: Degree/Diploma Qualification in Science, Engineering, Safety relevant methodology and tools in Railways
  • Languages required: English and Knowledge of Local Language will be preferred
  • 2-3 years experienced of working (either directly or indirectly) in Safety Processes/activities in other similar industries, especially Metro Railway and/or Metro Railway related Industries
  • Exposure of Railway/Metro Operation and Maintenance working shall be an added advantage
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Monitor Safety assurance activities/processes applicability within the organisation to ensure safety of the employees, passengers and all other stake holders Chief
  • Oversee compliance of KHMRTS Policies and Procedures affecting Safety of employees, passengers and all other stake holders’
  • Participate actively in hazard identification, management and risk assessment Process in KHMRTS – especially those which effects Safe Metro Train Operation
  • Monitor actions plan (for compliance of Follow up action plans of Audits, Incidents/Accidents and improvement)and Maintain procedures, records, share information, and monitor their implementation
  • Identify benchmarked Processes and best practices in the industry for application within the organization and Participate actively in Rail Safety investigations, carried out into incidents and serious near misses by QHSE division.
Key Skills
  • Possesses good interpersonal communication skills
  • Is determined, having quick response time and approachable quickly
  • Able to communicate internally and externally
  • Ability to understand and explain complex issues to colleagues
Security Officer
Role TitleSecurity Officer
Experience & Qualification
  • Minimum of 15 years of professional experience in Defence / Paramilitary / industrial environment / Police
  • An Ex-serviceman in the rank of a Junior Commissioned Officer preferred
  • Age not exceeding 55 years on induction
  • Graduate preferred
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Monitor day to day activities of the security agency
  • Ensure security of men and security related equipment through appropriate deployment of available resources in the given area of responsibility
  • Supervise security, whether on board trains, in stations or depots, by efficient and visible means, utilizing: CCTV, Dedicated security staff equipped with communication system, Centralized Access control and intrusion detection system,Random inspection of sites
  • Implement vigilance measures and disaster management techniques, as, when and where applicable
  • Initiate proactive and pre-emptive intelligence collection
  • Assist KEOLIS HYDERABAD staff in lodging FIR. Advise the Security Manager proactively on all safety / security related issues
Key Skills
  • Able to remain calm and objective, particularly during challenging situations. Able to operate in a system with safety & security related functions
  • Able to anticipate and react to situations appropriately
  • Capable of giving clear and concise instructions
  • Objectivity in applying and executing instructions and procedures
  • Has good oral and written communication skills
  • Has good understanding and operating experience of various safety and security related machinery